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Holistic Listing Support
Both primary and follow-on listings receive comprehensive support spanning marketing, communities, infrastructure support, and liquidity provision allowing projects to focus on building utility & fundamental value while BitMax manages the rest.
Diverse Global Presence
BitMax has a diverse global user base of retail and institutional traders from over 200 countries. This global presence promotes diverse trading activities & community engagement across time zones. Top countries include: China, Vietnam, India, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, etc.
Strategic Liquidity Incentives
BitMax promotes efficient trading for new listings by incentivizing liquidity providers with the industry’s most attractive rebates of 1 bps (0.01%) and minimizing transaction costs for takers with fees as low as 1.5 bps (0.015%).
Innovative Staking Support
BitMax's unique staking platform supports higher & more resilient stake ratios for blockchain networks by allowing users to compound staking rewards & use staked assets as margin collateral, thus eliminating the need to unbond to hedge exposure.
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